President: Dave Langerholz

Vice President: Joe Horvat

Treasurer: Walter Staric

Secretary: Cyril Zupan


In 2006 we were forty years old and celebrated with dignitaries, friends, past presidents and faithful members. Ambassador Tomas Kunstelj and first Secretary Barbara Susnik, MLA Wayne Cao as well as representatives from the Polish community in Calgary and members from the Slovenian club in Edmonton were also in attendance. During the celebration, we acknowledged the works of the past committees for without their consistent effort, we would not have made it this far.

The committees were under the leadership of the following PRESIDENTS:

1966 – 1970

Alojz Cipot
Janez Fabijan
Slavko Andolsek
Ignac Horvat
Tine Kranjc

1971 – 1980

Joze Kotnjek
Frank Smerdely
Stan Strle
Janez Fabijan
Franc Zilavec
Joze Pozar

1981 – 1990

Alojz Bec
Joze Pozar
Franc Hajdinjak
Marjan Praprotnik
Aldo Cesnik
Paul Bec
Ida Pavlica
Franc Dvojmoc
Mary Terenta- Donnelly
Franc Hajdinjak

1991 – 2000

Joze Pozar
Franc Dobravec
Franc Hajdinjak
Tony Metez
Victor Taskar

2001 – 2010

Tony Metez
Anna Terenta
Steven Terenta

2011 – 2019

2011 Steven Terenta
2012 Tony Metez
2013 Tony Metez
2014 Robert Horvat
2015 Joe Horvat
2016 Joe Horvat
2017 Joe Horvat
2018 Joe Horvat
2019 Melanie Horvat