Our Club

The hall, a one room former school, was purchased in the early 1970’s and was immediately transformed into the Slovenian Canadian Club. During the 1970’s the building was renovated and expanded to add a dance floor and stage. The kitchen however was not touched so the volunteer cooks had to work in a very small area where they prepared and served delicious Slovenian cuisine.

In the 1980’s the hall was expanded for the second time. A closet used as a kitchen was expanded into a full size modern kitchen. The cooks finally had room to prepare and serve their fine cuisine. Additions were made to the washrooms and storage areas.

The 1990’s saw more renovations. The interior was remodelled. The stage was extended and a mural depicting Lake Bled was painted as a backdrop for the stage. Two other murals were also painted, one on each side of the stage. The mural on the left side of the stage shows a man dressed in a Slovenian National costume and the mural on the right shows a woman dressed in a Slovenian National Costume. The hall truly took on a Slovenian character with these additions. New lights, carpets, linoleum, speakers as well as a new coat of paint made the hall look as if it were brand new.

In the early 2000’s renovations continued. The washrooms were completely overhauled.  New appliances have also been added as well as a new sound system.  Since its being, the hall has provided a place to gather, reminisce, rejoice, sing, dance, learn and of course to eat for the Slovenian Community and its many friends. This hall is a tribute to the many volunteers’ careful planning and hard work. The hall has been under the care and watchful eye of Mr. Ivan Terenta since early 1990.

The Slovenian Canadian Club of Calgary reflects the proud, honourable and friendly character of its membership. The club still provides a place for Slovenian-Canadian Families and friends to meet, celebrate, preserve and enjoy the Slovenian Culture and Slovenian Language.